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Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, this group features Rio de Janeiro singer Andrea Moraes Manson and a crew of experienced musicians performing Brazilian jazz, Bossa Nova, samba-jazz, Balanço and MPB.  Heralded as the best Brazilian band in Florida, the music of O Som Do Jazz has been featured in HBO's series "Looking" and in Chinese and Turkish bossa nova compilations.

Two Bands available!
Available as a large group (O Som Do Jazz) or a smaller ensemble (Rio Bossa) both groups are active in Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, Tarpon Springs, Naples, Miami, St. Petersburg, Gainesville and elsewhere.  If you want Brazilian Bossa Nova, samba-jazz, Balanço & MPB at its best, check out O Som Do Jazz!


"On Sunday, July 8, the O Som Do Jazz Sextet performed to a packed Side Door cabaret room at the Palladium. Attendees lounged to the pitch-perfect sounds of the experienced jazzy players; a sonorous mix of instrumental numbers, classic Brazilian pop and sultry samba.  Dynamic and subtly passionate, Moraes sang with a range that went from whisper soft to belly-socking belt-outs, drawing from Brazilian greats like Elis Regina." - Julie Garisto, Creative Loafing


O Som Do Jazz (the sound of jazz in Portuguese) recaptures the grace, energy and spirit of 1960s Brazilian Bossa Nova & samba-jazz. Imagine Brazilian musicians in love with American jazz playing in Rio de Janeiro night clubs circa 1965 - and you get an idea of what O Som Do Jazz is about. Based in Florida, this Brazilian music group is dedicated to authentic Brazilian sound. Please browse through our website and enjoy our music!


New CD!

Our new CD is available!
O Som Do Jazz: A Kiss for Rio

Upcoming Concerts


Rio Bossa - private event




O Som Do Jazz - private event


O Som Do Jazz provides music for a private event on Clearwater Beach