OSDJ with Jose Valentino
Sunday, June 9
First Unity Spiritual Campus at 3 PM


past events:

OSDJ - Jazz in the Stacks
Tuesday, April 17
West St. Petersburg Community Library at 7 PM

Rio Bossa at Eckerd College International Conference
Tuesday, February 6 at 5 PM

Eckerd College

O Som Do Jazz
Oct. 28 & 29 at 3:30 PM
SPIFFS Folk Fair at Vinoy Park

Brazilian jazz group O Som Do Jazz is performing on the SPIFFS
43rd festival. EMIT is co-sponsoring this performance.
For more info, see http://www.spiffs.org/2017-fair.html

Diego Figueiredo & O Som Do Jazz
Tuesday, September 27 at 7:30 PM

Palladium Theater Side Door

“Diego Figueiredo is one of the greatest guitarists I’ve seen in my whole life. The world needs to listen to his music".  (George Benson)

"I have seem and played with many wonderful guitar players like Joe Pass or Baden Powell, but no one is like Diego. His ability and swing are unique".  (Flora Purim)

Selby Gardens
April 17 @ 1 PM

Nova Musica
September 19
Music Center at St. Petersburg College

Rendezvous in Rio
September 26
The Coliseum in St. Petersburg

Winter Garden Music Fest
October 9

Artis Naples
October 23

Seminole Community Library
Wednesday, April 22

Neel Performing Arts Center
Thursday, April 9

Wild Gala

Gala for the Metro LGBT Center

O Som Do Jazz in Gulfport

Tampa Jazz Club presents O Som Do Jazz

Movies in the Park with Rio Bossa
Thursday, October 2 from 6-8 PM
Vinoy Park, St. Petersburg

O Som Do Jazz at the Winter Garden Music Festival
October 10

7/18 - St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art with Rio Bossa
6/14 - Electric Zoo Studios with Rio Bossa
6/8 - Sunset Tiki Party
5/31 - private party on Clearwater Beach
3/20 - Freedom Village with Rio Bossa
3/19 - Lake Seminole Square with Rio Bossa

3/8 - Electric Zoo Studios with Rio Bossa
2/25 - St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce event at NOVA 535

2/20 - Studio@620 part of the St. Petersburg Jazz Festival

12/31 - First Night St. Petersburg
12/7 - Music on the Hill - Tarpon Springs campus of St. Petersburg College
11/9 - Side at the Palladium Theater
10/13 - Selby Gardens
9/26 - International Education Conference
9/8 - Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg

7/4 - Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg
6/20 - Palladium Side Door
6/2 - Postcard Inn on St. Petersburg Beach
5/5 - Latin American Celebration at Vinoy Park
4/4 - Jazz in the Stacks concert at the West St. Petersburg Public Library
3/30 - wedding reception (private event)
3/2 - private event in Boca Grande 
2/21 - St. Petersburg Jazz Festival at the Palladium Side Door

12/7 - Eckerd College
11/29 - Tony Jannus Awards at the Vinoy Resort
11/2 - children's concert for SPIFFS at the Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg
8/3 - St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art

July 8
Palladium Theater Side Door


5/13 - Selby Garden in Sarasota from 1 - 3 PM

4/11 - Jazz in the Stacks - West St. Petersburg Community Library

3/25 - Catherine Hickman Theatre in Gulfport 

3/23 - Pasadena Art Show

1/28 - SPC Jazz Festival - Jazz Brasil with O Som Do Jazz & Antonio Adolfo!

“Adolfo has a sense of synthesis that just great educators have. I greatly admire
this guy and his work." - Antonio Carlos Jobim

November 3 at the Ybor Jazz Festival
Performing Arts Building of Hillsborough Community College

August 6 at the Side Door
Side Door at the Palladium Theater

Oba Oba Bossa Nova with O Som Do Jazz
Sunday, July 24 
Catherine Hickman Theatre

Sunday, May 15 a
O Som Do Jazz at Westminster
Westminster Presbyterian Church

Friday, April 22
Midday By The Bay

Mod Miami
March 3-6